Taking a class with Josh is making an investment in your child’s future. Our daughter wanted to improve her SAT scores, but with a heavy school load and a rigorous swim schedule, Amanda was somewhat worried about making the time commitment. Josh was able break it down into manageable pieces so she could successfully juggle everything. He really took an active interest in her performance on the SAT and in her college search. Not only did he provide her with effective tools and strategies for taking the test, but he also supported and encouraged her every step of the way. After completing the course, Amanda had all the confidence she needed, and her SAT score improved 290 points! As parents, we couldn’t be prouder or more pleased with the preparation Josh gave our daughter! Amanda’s college options are wide open thanks to the investment we made with Josh.

Trish Harvie (Mother of Amanda – up 290 points to 2190)




bethAs I studied a magazine that listed various college statistics, I realized that, even though my grades were where they should be, my chances of getting into the college of my choice were marred by one simple number: my SAT score. I then decided that I would take an SAT preparation class. After much searching, the prices of the tutors were disheartening. Then, one night, I got a message from a local SAT coach who was significantly more reasonable than the others. It was purely divine timing. There was no question at this point. I signed up for the class.

Apart from the actual tutoring, I got to know my tutor, Josh, as a person and he was genuinely concerned with my well-being and future education. We discussed literature, music, and popular culture and all things nerdy. We spoke of such authors as Vonnegut and many others. He was full of life and knowledge which he so willingly shared with me. I received far more from that SAT class than a boost in my scores. He made me believe in my abilities and gave me the confidence to apply to a prestigious school which, before meeting him, I might have otherwise talked myself out of doing

Not only did my SAT scores go up over two hundred points, but I was able to confidently apply to and be accepted to a great university.. Now I have been accepted and plan to attend the George Washington University in the fall. I highly recommend Josh to any high school student who feels hopeless when it comes to the SATs.

Bethany Wald, Pitman High School, up 210 points

Josh Atylerronovitch’s SAT class was extremely helpful for me. He was enthusiastic about helping us get the best possible score. He used many methods of teaching to ensure that every student understood each concept. Without Josh’s class I would not have possibilities, not just for college, but for future employment that I do now.”

Tyler Bright – up 320 points



I heard about Josh’s SAT prep from a classmate. After hearing that my friend had a good experience, I called Josh and scheduled 1-on-1 lessons. He gave me actual SAT practice tests to take at home, and we spent our 1-on-1 time discussing methods to maximize my score in each section. Instead of just telling me the right answers, he walked me through each problem that I didn’t get correct, and helped me create mnemonics so that I could remember his strategies. By the time we finished, I had boosted my score 140 points! This increase upgraded me into the next scholarship tier at my school. Choosing Josh was a wise investment towards my future and I encourage you to do the same.

Tom Gracie – up 140 points