When to take an SAT course?

The answer to this one is easy – NOW.

Studies and anecdotal evidence show – the average student’s SAT score goes up each time he or she takes the SAT. Some of this is due to familiarity and reduced anxiety, some is due to a subconscious understanding of the patterns on which the SAT is based. The more you practice, on the real thing, or in controlled SAT conditions, the better.

When ACE founder Josh Aronovitch was in high school, he took the SAT 4 times.

(When Josh took the SAT it was on a 400-1600 point scale, adding his 800 SAT II Writing score gives you the equivalent score on today’s SAT)

When Taken Score Equivalent on Today’s SAT
8th grade 1290 2090
10th grade 1370 2170
11th grade 1490 2290
12th grade 1580 2380

The bottom line is this, it is never too early to start preparing for the SAT.  While the math captures some of what is taught in high school algebra and geometry, all the math you need will be covered in the course.

Plus, once you are an ACE student, you are a student for life.  You can come back and repeat individual classes or the entire course as many times as you want, for free.  Josh will be available to answer your questions until you get into the college of your dreams, whether you first take the course as a Senior, or even as a Freshman.