Why Us


There are a large number of options out there to help you prepare to score your best on the SAT.
ACE offers you the best of multiple approaches and will become a true partner in your success.

A Personalized Approach

Scoring your best on the SAT requires a personalized approach, but most can’t afford the $3000-$5000 one-on-one tutoring packages offered by our competitors.

Our course includes four hours of one-on-one tutoring sessions free – a $600 value.


A Better Teacher Means Better Results

As of 2016 our courses are all taught by Josh Aronovitch, an experienced SAT instructor with over 10,000 hours of standardized test teaching experience.  It is a founding principle of ACE that all our teachers will have ridiculously high standardized test scores.  Why take a course where your instructor scored less than you want to?

But excellence in standardized test taking is not enough.  All our teachers will always have substantial teaching experience and natural teaching ability.  Why take a chance on a course with a teacher that has never taught a day in his life?  Why take a chance with a teacher that is not  exceptional at the art and science of helping students to excel?


No one should be held back from their dreams by financial difficulty

That’s why we offer significant discounts and extended payment plans based on financial need.


More instructional time plus more one on one attention means higher scores

ACE offers four 4.5 hour lessons. That doesn’t even count our four hours of one-on-one tutoring included in the course or the unlimited ability to “free repeat” the classes as much as wanted or needed at no additional charge (space permitting).  One-on-one tutoring is also available.


We offer so much more than our competitors at a reasonable price.

But You Don’t Have to Take Our Word for it.
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