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Meet Josh

Josh is a proud product of the Washington Township School district. After graduating from the George Washington University (2000) and Harvard Law School (2003) Josh worked for the law firms of Jenner and Block and Pepper Hamilton. Josh left law practice to launch ACE in order to give back to the community that has given him so much and to help others achieve their dreams.
Since launching ACE in 2008, Josh has worked with over 1400 students and the results speak for themselves:


“I have been more than 10 years in standardized test related teaching experience and have helped countless students achieve their college dreams.”

Why Choose Our Coaching?

There are a large number of options out there to help you prepare to score your best on the SAT.
ACE offers you the best of multiple approaches and will become a true partner in your success.

A Personalized Approach

Scoring your best on the SAT requires a personalized approach, but most can’t afford the $3000-$5000 one-on-one tutoring packages offered by our competitors. Small group coaching with an intuitive and empathetic teacher can provide focused individualized attention at a fraction of the cost.

A Better Teacher Means Better Results

As of 2016 our courses are all taught by Josh Aronovitch, an experienced SAT instructor with over 10,000 hours of standardized test teaching experience. It is a founding principle of ACE that all our teachers will have ridiculously high standardized test scores. Why take a course where your instructor scored less than you want to?
But excellence in standardized test taking is not enough. All our teachers will always have substantial teaching experience and natural teaching ability. Why take a chance on a course with a teacher that has never taught a day in his life? Why take a chance with a teacher that is not exceptional at the art and science of helping students to excel?

More instructional time plus more one on one attention means higher scores

ACE offers five, 4 hour lessons. That doesn’t even account for the unlimited ability to “free repeat” the classes as much as the students needs or wants, as well as available video replays of the class at no additional charge.
One-on-one tutoring is also available for an additional charge.

No one should be held back from their dreams by financial difficulty

That’s why we offer significant discounts and extended payment plans based on financial need.

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I have been providing LSAT Prep in classes and one on one since 2003.  At the moment LSAT prep is offered one on one, or for small groups of friends using real LSATs to learn from mistakes and practice new approaches and strategies.

For more information about LSAT preparation please contact Josh Aronovitch at 856-341-0503.

I have extensive experience helping students narrow their search and identify their dream school or schools.  I can also help you to refine your presentation without losing your authentic voice.  Customizable college admissions packages vary from student to student.  It is never too early to start.  Let me help you turn your dream into a reality!

College Admissions Coaching

Academic Tutoring

I tutor in subjects as varied as AP Physics, Algebra, Geometry, Introductory Spanish, English, Writing, History, and a variety of college courses.  Whatever your learning challenges, I can help you learn to learn in a way that makes up for holes in the educational foundation and leaves you confident in your abilities going forward.

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What People Say

I had a few options when it came time to pick where I wanted to go to college. Josh helped me weigh out the pros and cons of each choice, and also offered views of what he thought a degree from each institution would be worth over the long run. I was accepted at Drexel University, Rowan University and University of Delaware. I chose Rowan University (Electrical and Computer Engineering major) and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I’m extremely thankful for all of the opportunities that my Rowan University education has offered me, and I encourage anyone considering Rowan to reach out to Josh so he can put you in touch with me if you have any questions.

Tom Gracie
Josh was by far the best test prep instructor I have ever worked with! I met Josh back in 2004 when I decided to study for the LSAT. When I originally started working with Josh I was struggling with the reading comprehension section of the exam. Josh spent an immense amount of time with me until I mastered that section of the exam. He was always very patient and explained things in very clear and concise ways. Josh helped me improve my score by 15 points! Josh was amazing on a personal and professional level and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get into a top school

Lisa HarwooD, currently MBA candidate at USC
I had never taken a test prep class until it came time to study for the LSAT prior to applying to law school. I needed a high score to get into a top school, and Josh’s teaching helped me get there. He not only showed me helpful techniques but also provided constant reassurance that I could continue to increase my score. Josh provided encouragement while I took practice test after practice test and helped me to avoid practicing bad habits. On test day, I scored higher than I ever had before — 12 points higher than my baseline. Josh is a great teacher, and he cares greatly about the success of each and every one of his students.

Elinor Ament Hiller, Georgetown Law Class of 2007
Need an LSAT tutor? Look no further than Josh Aronovitch. Josh tutored me for the LSAT during my senior year of college – and he gave me not only scholarly insight and advice about the LSAT, but how to best to go about important decisions (law school or otherwise).
Josh taught me how to approach the different types of LSAT questions which greatly enhanced my ability to perform on both practice tests and the real exam. Each tutoring session, we would review a practice exam I had done, and after each meeting I’d learned three things: what I did wrong, how to learn from it, and most importantly, how to apply that knowledge to my next test.
Josh makes learning fun. As we discussed the practice tests and how to efficiently answer questions, Josh would give me witty phrases to help remember certain processes or quick tips to tackle questions. Further, he gave me reassurance that I was totally and completely able to succeed on the LSAT, and in law school. As my practice test scores increased by 20+ points during my time with Josh, the evidence speaks for itself that he is an excellent tutor. Josh’s advice and guidance has reshaped the way I approach tests and life decisions.
Natalie DeVito, VillAnova university class of 2021. BA Philosophy
Before starting the course, all of us took a practice exam to establish a baseline by which we could gauge our improvement. I only got 25% of the questions in the puzzle section right, and I knew I would have to do a lot better than that to get into a top law school. Josh was a great teacher – in addition to making our five-hour-long classes interesting and engaging, he also met with us one-on-one to develop individualized test-prep strategy. He really took the time to make sure that I was on track and doing all the things I needed to do to score as high as I possibly could. I always felt that Josh was available to answer questions and give advice, and by the time the LSAT date rolled around, I was consistently getting at least 75% of all puzzle questions correct. My LSAT score went up 8 points from the baseline practice test, and I know that Josh was just as proud as I was when I scored 170. I graduated from Harvard Law School in 2005, and I doubt I would have gotten in without Josh’s test prep help

Amy Lawler, Harvard Law School Class of 2005

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Upcoming SAT Dates

    • The Question-and-Answer Service (QAS) is offered only on the Saturday test dates in October and January, and for Saturday, Sunday, and school-based testing dates in May.
    • The Student Answer Service (SAS) is available only on the test dates for which QAS is not offered—those in November, December, March, and June. It is also available for Sunday and school-based testing dates in October and January.

You can register for the SAT online via the CollegeBoard website.
When to take an SAT course?

The answer to this one is easy – NOW.

Studies and anecdotal evidence show – the average student’s SAT score goes up each time he or she takes the SAT. Some of this is due to familiarity and reduced anxiety, some is due to a subconscious understanding of the patterns on which the SAT is based. The more you practice, on the real thing, or in controlled SAT conditions, the better.

When ACE founder Josh Aronovitch was in high school, he took the SAT 4 times.

(When Josh took the SAT it was on a 400-1600 point scale, adding his 800 SAT II Writing score gives you the equivalent score on today’s SAT).

The bottom line is this, it is never too early to start preparing for the SAT.  While the math captures some of what is taught in high school algebra and geometry, all the math you need will be covered in the course.

Plus, once you are an ACE student, you are a student for life.  You can come back and repeat individual classes or the entire course as many times as you want, for free.  Josh will be available to answer your questions until you get into the college of your dreams, whether you first take the course as a Senior, or even as a Freshman.

Why take an SAT course?

Your score on the SAT is a huge part of the equation as to whether you get into the college of your dreams.  It is ridiculous that a single standardized test has so much riding on it.  That it means that much for your future…but it does.

That gives you two choices:  1) whine and complain or 2) do everything in your power to prepare and ACE the SAT.

The good news is that the SAT is a very teachable test.  It is standardized.  That means it is the same in key important ways, time after time, year after year.  By studying the patterns of the SAT, you can prepare to answer those questions correctly, to anticipate what will be thrown at you.

But you don’t have the time to study SAT after SAT after SAT to find those patterns and figure out what they mean.  That’s what we have done for you.  The ACE SAT PREP course is designed to give you the tools you need to understand and master the SAT.

We know how valuable your time is.  That is why we don’t give you all the same boring hours of homework like our competitors.  Instead, all practice exercises are personally tailored and assigned based on your strengths and weaknesses.  That is why we take the time to get to know you, how you learn, how you think and how you can be best prepared.

Some students prepare on their own, out of a book.   But we have found that the time management, personalized attention, discipline and diverse approaches offered in a well designed and highly personalized course offers students their best chance at success.

Director’s Corner

A Special Note for Parents

You are placing a great deal of trust in me by placing your son’s or daughter’s future in my hands. I take this responsibility very seriously. That is why I consider it my mission to ensure that your child makes it into the college of his or her dreams. That means learning how they learn, dealing with issues of test anxiety, and allowing them to repeat parts of the course as often as they need to in order to master the content and strategies I teach. It’s also why I offer payment plans, and need based discounts to the course price. But it also means I help more than just the SAT score. This includes encouraging them to take challenging courses that look good on their transcript. It includes providing an extra set of experienced eyes on their application essays. It includes helping them in their college search. I am willing to work hard to be your partner in helping your children to achieve the goals and dreams their high school education has prepared them for. If there are any questions I can answer for you, please don’t hesitate to call me.

Josh Aronovitch
Founder and Head Coach The Aronovitch Coaching Experience

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