A Special Note for Parents

Josh AronovitchYou are placing a great deal of trust in me by placing your son’s or daughter’s future in my hands. I take this responsibility very seriously. That is why I consider it my mission to ensure that your child makes it into the college of his or her dreams. That means learning how they learn, dealing with issues of test anxiety, and allowing them to repeat parts of the course as often as they need to in order to master the content and strategies I teach. It’s also why I offer payment plans, and need based discounts to the course price. But it also means I help more than just the SAT score. This includes encouraging them to take challenging courses that look good on their transcript. It includes providing an extra set of experienced eyes on their application essays. It includes helping them in their college search. I am willing to work hard to be your partner in helping your children to achieve the goals and dreams their high school education has prepared them for. If there are any questions I can answer for you, please don’t hesitate to call me. Josh Aronovitch Founder and Head Coach The Aronovitch Coaching Experience 856-341-0503