College Admissions Coaching

The SATs are a big part of the college admissions decision, but not the only part, not by a long shot.  I describe the process like this:  Colleges, no matter how selective they are, mainly use three factors to decide whether a student is “in the conversation.”  Those factors are SAT scores, grades, and “academic rigor” – how much you challenge yourself with your classes.  Those three factors are either good enough, or not, to get you in the running.  Depending on how hard the school is into, those bars can be low, medium, or extremely high.

But once you clear that bar, what happens next?  That is when “everything else” comes in to play, from you essays, to your recomendations, to your extracurricular achievements.  All these “indicia of excellence” determine whether you actually get an offer of admission.  Because the most selective schools get many times more students than they have space for who get “in the conversation.”  Your goal is to make sure that the totality of your application creates a vivid sense of who you are and how you fit into their plans for the freshman class.

This is where I can help.  I have extensive experience helping students narrow their search and identify their dream school or schools.  I can also help you to refine your presentation without losing your authentic voice.  Customizable college admissions packages vary from student to student.  It is never too early to start.  Let me help you turn your dream into a reality!